Guide to Pedestrian Bridges

A bridge is a great way to showcase your facility or business. Whether you need the simplest possible structure to cross your stream or roadway, or you want to provide something your customers or clients will notice, there is a bridge out there that’s right for you. But the options can be dizzying.  Pedestrian bridges don’t just […]

Invitation to Tender – BF 79604

Bridge File 79604

The following tender is available on Coolnet and the Alberta Purchasing Connection.  BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION AND OTHER WORK BRIDGE FILE 79604, SW 18-08-20-W4 LOCAL ROAD OVER AN SMRID CANAL SE OF LETHBRIDGE Sealed Tenders for the Construction of a 2 span – 24 m (2 x 12 m span) type SL-510 precast girder bridge on steel […]

Standard Corrugated Steel Pipe Sizes

Corrugated steel pipes

According to ASTM A760, the standard sizes of corrugated steel pipe are: Nominal Inside Diameter in. mm 4 100 6 150 8 200 10 250 12 300 15 375 18 450 21 500 24 600 27 675 30 750 33 825 36 900 42 1050 48 1200 54 1350 60 1500 66 1650 72 1800 […]

Standard Sizes of Precast Concrete Box Culverts

According to ASTM C1433 and C1433M, the standard dimensions of precast concrete box culverts are as listed in the table below. You can stand them up or lay them down flat, and you can put as many as you want side by side. Dimensions Thickness ft x ft mm x mm inches mm 3 x […]

How to Design a Concrete Box Culvert

Concrete box culvert

One of mine! Concrete box culverts are one of those items that very few engineers have to tackle regularly. I will assume you have already performed the hydrology and therefore know the design flow and channel tailwater, as this is not specific to concrete box design and not part of the scope of this article.  […]

Standard Pipe Arch Sizes

pipe arch dimensions

Are there standard sizes of pipe arch, and if so, what are they? A pipe arch is a culvert with a flattened (but not completely flat) bottom.  The culvert has three radii, a large one on the bottom, a small one in the bottom corners, and a normal one in the upper half. In my […]

Types of Culverts


When you’re in the planning stage of a culvert project, you need to investigate all of the options.  But between CSP, concrete, PVC, and all the different shapes available, how can you know what type of culvert you need or is the most cost effective? Deciding on a culvert type usually involves the following thought […]

The Etherington Creek campground has a new access bridge

As of June 2016, the Etherington Creek campground in Kananaskis Country has a new structure on its access road.  Roseke Engineering designed, tendered, and managed the construction of the new structure. This arch structure is made out of corrugated aluminum and rests on concrete footings.  It is a 7.301 m wide by 1.743 m long Corrugated […]

Bridge File 2181: Bridge Replacement

BF 2181

Name: Culvert Installation on a Local Road over Lonepine Creek near Olds (BF 2181). Location: 4 miles east of Olds, AB Owner: Mountain View County Project Cost: $119,466.40 Construction Dates: May 24, 2016 – June 13, 2016   Previous Structure:  Single span 8.5 m type PG precast concrete girder bridge on a treated timber substructure. […]

Bridge File 74005: Bridge Replacement

BF 74005 in Vulcan County

  Name: Bridge Replacement – Local Road over a tributary to West Arrowwood Creek   Location: 1 mile South of Ensign, AB Client: Vulcan County Project Cost: $162,645 Construction Dates: December 2 – 16, 2014   Previous Structure:  Single Span, 6.1 m treated timber bridge on treated timber substructure. New Structure:  Double 2400 mm Corrugated […]