Pedestrian Bridge Engineering


Nanton golf course pedestrian bridgeDolly Varden culvertFRP pedestrian bridgeFullerton loop bridgeTerrace bridgeCrowsnest Pass Golf and Country Club Bridge 


Roseke Engineering Ltd. prides itself as western Canada’s leading engineering design firm for pedestrian bridge structures.  As you can see above, we have designed some of the nicest structures around, bridges that don’t just move the traffic across, but create a unique user experience while doing it.

Pedestrian bridges are often highly visible showpieces on a trail or path.  For that reason, they need the expertise to ensure they are more than an industrial structure.  They need to fit in with their surroundings and blend with nature to create a seamless traffic experience.

This involves the use of member sizes that are consistent with the applied loads, decks and railings that match the surrounding topographical features, and use of the golden ratio among other natural phenomenon.

What’s wrong with most pedestrian bridges?

Most pedestrian bridge structures are either:

  • Designed purely by structural engineers (too industrial), or
  • Designed by architects and analyzed by structural engineers (too expensive).

Neither the architect nor the engineer normally specialize in pedestrian bridges, hence the project can result in cost overruns and missed deadlines.

If your budget is over a million dollars, congratulations, you can probably afford an architect and a traditional project delivery method for your project.  However, most pedestrian bridges are small and don’t have the budget for this.  These structures are often designed by structural engineers and end up being very industrial in style and design.

Now don’t get me wrong, we are structural engineers too.  But we have found our calling in the design of aesthetic, highly pleasing pedestrian bridges, and we take immense pride in it.

Quick Turnaround, Low Fees

The thing with pedestrian bridges is that the project size ranges across the whole gamut, from the small 20 foot steel truss to the multi-million dollar highway overpass.  Engineering firms tend to lump them all into one type of project mold, that is, they don’t all understand that you have to meet the budget where it’s at.  We’ve designed lots of pedestrian bridges, big and small, and we know where your budget is.

Our bridge team has lots of experience with pedestrian bridges and understands the project like no other:

Bernie Roseke, P.Eng., PMP is the founder and president of Roseke Engineering Ltd.  He has 20 years experience in the design of rural bridges, culverts, and drainage structures, primarily for Counties, M.D.’s and Alberta Transportation.

Levi Ober, P.L.(Eng.) is our bridge manager and responsible for delivering bridge, culvert and erosion control projects on time and budget.  He has 14 years experience in the assessment, design and construction supervision experience on County, M.D. and Alberta Transportation bridge projects.  He has designed every type of standard bridge and bridge sized culvert, and he is a class B bridge inspector.

Riley Johnson, T.T. is our junior bridge technologist.  He has assisted with design and performed construction supervision services on numerous bridge projects, and his enthusiasm for bridge work is very high.

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