Standard Bridges


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Roseke Engineering Ltd. is one of Alberta’s premier engineering firms for standard bridges.

A standard bridge is one that is built out of standard components, that is, girders, abutments, piers, and piles.  Standard bridges are “predesigned” in components that can be mixed and matched to produce a more economical structure for small sites than a custom designed one.

Standard bridges are ideal for Counties, Municipal Districts, and Alberta Transportation on smaller sites on the highway network.  They also work well for highway bridges in National Parks (Parks Canada), provincial parks (Alberta Environment & Parks) and resources roads.

The maximum opening size for a standard bridge is 60 m (3 spans at 20 m long) by 5.5 m pier height.  Beyond that, and a major bridge must be custom designed for the site.

Standard bridges can accommodate asphalt roadways as well as gravel.  For gravel roadways, the wearing surface will be directly on the top of the girders.  For paved roadways, either the pavement is placed directly on the girders (type SLW) or an integrated concrete deck is cast and then paved over (type SLC).

Our bridge division has performed many standard bridge projects and we would love to talk to you about standard bridges:

Bernie Roseke, P.Eng., PMP is the founder and president of Roseke Engineering Ltd.  He has 20 years experience in the design of rural bridges, culverts, and drainage structures, primarily for Counties, M.D.’s and Alberta Transportation.

Levi Ober, P.L.(Eng.) is our bridge manager and responsible for delivering bridge, culvert and erosion control projects on time and budget.  He has 14 years experience in the assessment, design and construction supervision experience on County, M.D. and Alberta Transportation bridge projects.  He has designed every type of standard bridge and bridge sized culvert, and he is a class B bridge inspector.

Riley Johnson, T.T. is our junior bridge technologist.  He has assisted with design and performed construction supervision services on numerous bridge projects, and his enthusiasm for bridge work is very high.

Please call us at (403)942-6170. We would love to speak with you.