DuroMaxx Syphon at Cavendish Farms Plant


DuroMaxx SyphonDuroMaxx SyphonDuroMaxx SyphonDuroMaxx SyphonDuroMaxx SyphonDuroMaxx SyphonDuroMaxx Syphon 
Project Name: DuroMaxx Syphon at Cavendish Farms Plant
Location: Lethbridge, AB
Description: Installation of a 3.0 m diameter DuroMaxx(r) pipe, 1.9 km long, carrying an irrigation canal belonging to the St. Mary River Irrigation District


Roseke Engineering Ltd. provided full time inspection for the supplier on a 1.9 km long, 3.0 m diameter DuroMaxx pipe in Lethbridge, AB.  This was the longest DuroMaxx pipe installation in Canada, and paves the way for more installations of DuroMaxx in the future.

Because of our impeccable experience and reputation in the bridge sized culvert world, we were able to provide the necessary inspection that this innovative pipe installation project strongly needed.  The project was completed with all stakeholders satisfied.

DuroMaxx pipe is a polyethylene pipe with steel ribs.  Thus, the plastic provides superior longevity and the steel ribs provide superior strength.  It is an excellent option for counties, municipal districts, and cities (sewer pipes).  Our experience with this product allows us to provide unmatched advice where a pipe such as this is being considered.

The DuroMaxx pipe was supplied by Armtec Canada Culvert and delivered from Utah in several segments per day for about 4 months.  Pipe sections were “welded” together using a special torch that placed a sealing bond between the two pipe sections.  The bond is watertight, and subsequent testing confirmed there was no leakage after minor touch-ups.

The application of DuroMaxx pipe in a County, Municipal District, or City (sewer) setting is compelling.  This type of culvert is stronger than plastic pipe, cheaper than concrete pipe, and extremely long lasting since the main structure is still polyethylene.  It provides a strong alternative that should be considered.

Roseke Engineering has unparalleled expertise in the many different culvert options that are out there, and we can ensure that the best option is chosen for your site.

Our bridge team has performed hundreds of culvert projects:

Bernie Roseke, P.Eng., PMP is the founder and president of Roseke Engineering Ltd.  He has 20 years experience in the design of rural bridges, culverts, and drainage structures, primarily for Counties, M.D.’s and Alberta Transportation.

Levi Ober, P.L.(Eng.) is our bridge manager and responsible for delivering bridge projects on time and budget.  He has 14 years experience in the assessment, design and construction supervision experience on County, M.D. and Alberta Transportation bridges.  He has designed every type of standard bridge and bridge sized culvert, and he is a class B bridge inspector.

Riley Johnson, T.T. is our junior bridge technologist.  He has assisted with design and performed construction supervision services on numerous bridge projects, and his enthusiasm for bridge work is very high.

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