Bridges and Culverts

Our services encompass the entire project life cycle of a bridge, from inspection and assessment through planning and construction.

  • Bridge Planning
  • Bridge Assessment
  • Bridge Inspections
  • Assistance with STIP Local Road Bridge Applications
  • Preliminary Engineering
  • Environmental Studies (fish, wildlife, etc.)
  • Detailed Design
  • Right-of-Way Acquisition
  • Environmental permits
  • Tender Preparation
  • Construction Supervision
  • Final Details

We are normally the prime consultant for bridge projects.  Our clients expect good project management over and above the technical knowledge of bridge design and construction.

Major Bridges

Our engineers can deliver your major bridge projects on time, on budget, and with safety of the travelling public as our primary consideration.

Materials Testing

Our materials testing lab can handle all of your concrete, asphalt, and aggregate needs.

  • Sieve Analysis
  • Compaction density
  • Concrete – strength
  • Concrete – air content, slump
  • Asphalt – Marshall Density
  • Asphalt – Moisture Content

Mobile testing lab for highway paving projectsWe also have mobile testing labs for highway paving projects.  They are fully equipped with marshall hammers, asphalt ignition ovens, and tools necessary to perform all of the testing services necessary for Alberta Transportation projects.

Erosion Control

Our expertise when it comes to erosion control is second to none.

  • Overland drainage problems
  • Stream and canal bank restoration
  • Riprap and other erosion control methods


We can solve your geotechnical problems with minimal hassle.

  • Retaining walls
  • Strip footing foundations
  • Pile foundations
  • Slope stability


  • Determination of runoff
  • Analyzing culverts and other drainage structures
  • Evaluating canal and stream flows
  • Investigating erosion and water flow issues
  • Designing culverts and drainage works
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