Mobile Testing

mobile asphalt testing labRoseke Engineering Ltd. owns a mobile testing laboratory which is ideally suited for highway paving projects.  It is equipped with the following pieces of equipment:

  1. Marshall hammer
  2. Asphalt ignition oven
  3. General purpose oven
  4. Small tools for asphalt testing

Thus, it is fully equipped to perform asphalt testing near any paving project.

Alberta Transportation’s highway construction specifications require that the asphalt testing for highway paving projects be performed within 1 hour’s drive of the paving work.  That means that unless the project is close to a city, a mobile testing laboratory will be required.

This mobile lab has been used on many highway paving projects throughout southern Alberta, including:

  • Highway 3 near Grassy Lake, AB (2019)
  • Highway 535 near Brooks, AB (2018)
  • Highway 4 near Warner, AB (2018)
  • Highway 501 near Coutts, AB (2018)
  • Highway 873 near Brooks, AB (2018)

We will find a place near the work site to store the unit during the project, and Roseke staff will perform the asphalt testing to the necessary specifications while being an integral component of the project team.

Mobile asphalt testing labWe are certified with the Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories (CCIL) as well as pre-qualified with Alberta Transportation in the categories of Grading-Base-Paving and Superpave.  Our certified testers have a combined 52 years of highway testing experience, and we can take care of any highway material testing requirements, including subgrade and base densities.

Please contact Ken at (403) 382-9356 to inquire about our mobile testing laboratory.