Alberta Transportation awards Culvert Project to Roseke Engineering

BF 72027

Alberta Transportation has awarded the construction phase of a bridge size culvert replacement project near Patricia (north of Brooks, AB) to Roseke Engineering Ltd.

This project involves the replacement of Bridge File 72027, carrying Highway 544 over Little Sandhill Creek near Patricia, AB.  The existing 2490 mm x 1755 mm x 33.5 m invert length SPCSP arch culvert will be removed and disposed, and replaced with a 2700 mm diameter Corrugated Steel Pipe.

The project has been tendered and awarded to Prairie Erectors International Inc.  The Contract has a completion date of September 15, 2018, however construction can occur anytime during the summer.  The highway is likely to be detoured around the worksite during construction, which is expected to last 35 days.

“Once again, we thank Alberta Transportation for their confidence in us, and we look forward to delivering a strong project for the Alberta Transportation and the public,” said Bernie Roseke, P.Eng., PMP, president of Roseke Engineering Ltd.

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