BF 79604 – Tender Results

Thank you to everyone who submitted a bid for this project. The winner was Volker Stevin Highways Ltd. We wish everyone the best on future projects.

Bidder Tender Price
Volker Stevin Highways Ltd. $594,700
Carmacks Enterprises Ltd. $748,642
S & K Structures Ltd. $749,089
DeGraaf Excavating Ltd. $754,762
Golden Triangle Construction Management Ltd. $794,691.36
EllisDon Construction Services Ltd. $816,366.50
Surespan Construction Ltd. $854,890
Formula Alberta Ltd. $887,870
Tayo Construction $1,049,999.50
Pacer Construction Ltd. $1,142,704
Johnston Construction Ltd. $1,246,210.56
Minty’s Moving Ltd. $1,294,700
CEWE Infrastructure Ltd. $1,446,115


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