AAMDC Convention 2014

Thanks to all of our clients (and potential clients) who stopped by our booth at the AAMDC convention in Edmonton this week. It was great to see all of you.  Here are a few pictures.

I always love to get that glimpse of what’s on the minds of our clients and this is a great opportunity to do that.  I heard from some counties that are worried about the cost of their engineering services, and some that are not happy with scope change requests, among others.  There is definitely a better way.

It’s a difficult time in our industry.  Alberta Transportation has announced it’s second year with an un-funded Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program (STIP).  Counties and MD’s are being forced to either not do road and bridge work, or fund it themselves.  Of course, the need doesn’t go away.  Some of our clients are funding some work themselves, and we suspect more will have to over time if provincial funding doesn’t come back soon.

Because it’s such a difficult time, counties and MD’s shouldn’t have to spend exhorbitant amounts of money on engineering services.  We will be happy to assist with planning, budgeting and programming for bridge work, free of charge.  We can also do class A and B bridge inspections at a reduced rate.  Or, if you like, we can provide a proposal for a project, just to keep your existing consultant on his toes!

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