Bridge Girder Plant Inspection in Calgary

Bridge girder fa fabrication inspection in the plant is one of the most important, and precise, parts of the bridge construction process.

Highway Guardrail Design in Alberta

Highway guardrail serves an important purpose in the safety of vehicular and pedestrian users alike. Although it may seem like a mundane part of the system, the design of highway guardrail is just as scientific and engineered to exacting standards as the rest of the highway. This article will summarize the design process for highway […]

How to Design a Pedestrian Bridge

Pedestrian bridges can be some of the most aesthetic structures out there, and are often the centerpiece of a development, park or golf course.  But their design has some special considerations and quirks that are unique to them, hence some specific knowledge and experience is important. In this article I will walk through the six […]

The 6 Types of Bridges

Since the earliest recorded history, modern man has sought to cross chasms. In fact, there is an element of pride as well as function in separating moving features like water and traffic above and below one another.  Engineers have long developed specialized methods for designing many types of bridges, and they still push out the […]