The Steps of a Geotechnical Evaluation

A geotechnical evaluation is an engineering site assessment that determines what the foundation conditions are and recommends options for foundation design.  It is performed by a geotechnical engineer, and is required for most engineered structures including buildings, bridges, roads, and towers. The four main components of a geotechnical evaluation are: Planning Field Work Laboratory Analysis […]

What is the Liquid Limit?

The liquid limit of a soil is the moisture content at which: a soil changes to a liquid state. the boundary between the plastic and liquid states occurs. a soil loses its shear strength. Clearly a soil will not lose its shear strength all at once as water is being added, but there is a […]

What is the Shrinkage Limit?

The shrinkage limit of a soil is the moisture content at which: the soil is considered saturated. any loss of moisture will not result in any volume changes. The shrinkage limit is much less commonly used than the other Atterberg limits, the plastic limit and liquid limit. I have never seen the shrinkage limit reported […]