Bernoulli Equation Examples

For reference, the Bernoulli equation is: Example 1 A reservoir contains an outlet that consists of a pipe that discharges water 50 ft below the top of the reservoir. What is the velocity of the water exiting the pipe (at point B)? Solution If you define elevation zero at point B: Point A has only […]

How to Use the Bernoulli Equation

The Bernoulli equation states that the total energy possessed by a fluid is the sum of its pressure, kinetic, and potential energies. Using this starting point, we can calculate the total head, ht, and total pressure, pt, that the fluid is under: Calculating the energy of a liquid is purely a theoretical exercise, but the […]

How to Calculate Fluid Energy

The energy of a fluid comes in the following forms: Kinetic Energy (if it is moving) Potential Energy Pressure Energy Kinetic Energy Since energy is required to accelerate a stationary body, a moving mass of fluid flow possesses more energy than an identical, stationary mass. This energy difference is the kinetic energy of the fluid. […]