Tender Call – BF 9269

Today Alberta Transportation is advertising tender #15578 for the replacement of bridge file 9269, a property access crossing an MVLA (Mountain View-Leavitt-Aetna) irrigation canal.  Tender opening day is Thursday, September 12, 2014.

It involves removing a single span timber bridge and installing double 1800 mm diameter corrugated steel pipes.  Alberta Transportation standards for highway culverts apply, i.e. standard drawing S-1418.

To obtain the tender, contact one of Alberta Transportation’s tender distribution centres:

Tender Administration Section
Twin Atria Bldg., Edmonton
Telephone: (780) 415-1068
Calgary District Office, Telephone: (403) 297-6311
Lethbridge Regional Office, Telephone: (403) 381-5426
Red Deer Regional Office, Telephone: (403) 340-5166
Peace River Regional Office, Telephone: (780) 624-6280

Plans are also available on Coolnet and on Alberta Purchasing Connection

Here is the tender advertisement:

SEALED TENDERS will be received in the Tender Administration Section, Suite 100, First Floor, Twin Atria Bldg., 4999 – 98 Ave., in Edmonton, AB, before 2:01:00 P.M. on Friday, September 12, 2014 for the construction of the following work:

Tender No. 15578

Demolition, Construct, C.S.P. Culvert and Other Work
NW 4-2-28-W4 B.F. 9269 – Carrying a local road over a MVLA canal, S.W. of the Hamlet of Mountain View
Southern Region

Approximate Quantities:

350 cubic metres Excavation
50 cubic metres Backfill
215 cubic metres Granular Fill
42 metres 1 800 mm Dia. C.S.P.
150 cubic metres Gravel Surfacing
65 cubic metres Heavy Rock Rip-Rap

Contractor to supply all materials.

Consultant: Roseke Engineering Ltd. (Contact: Bernie Roseke, Telephone: (403) 393-6170).



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