The Etherington Creek campground has a new access bridge

As of June 2016, the Etherington Creek campground in Kananaskis Country has a new structure on its access road.  Roseke Engineering designed, tendered, and managed the construction of the new structure.

This arch structure is made out of corrugated aluminum and rests on concrete footings.  It is a 7.301 m wide by 1.743 m long Corrugated Aluminum Box culvert on cast in place concrete footings, with corrugated aluminum headwalls on both ends.

The previous structure was washed out in the 2013 floods.  Actually, it was a 1200 mm diameter culvert which washed out many times in the last decade, but after the 2013 floods the culvert was washed a fair distance downstream.  Alberta Parks had already been thinking about installing a larger structure when the 2013 flood hit.

The owner, Alberta Environment & Parks, awarded the project to Roseke Engineering shortly after the 2013 floods.  After several years of dealing with funding priorities, they awarded a project management contract to Associated Engineering of Medicine Hat in November 2015.

In January 2016, we were asked if we could design, tender, and have the project constructed by April 30, the last day before the fish spawning season starts.  Most engineering firms would have said it can’t be done.  We fast tracked the design, tendered the project with the minimum amount of drawings completed, and coordinated the construction of the aluminum structure up front.  The final inspection took place on May 11, three months and one week after the design was started.

Owner:  Alberta Environment & Parks
Project Manager:  Associated Engineering Ltd.
Design Engineer:  Roseke Engineering Ltd.
Contractor:  K-Link Development Ltd.
Supplier:  Canada Culvert

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