We are COR Certified!

cor-sealGreat news!

Roseke Engineering has received its Cerficate of Recognition (COR) from the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA).

The Certificate of Recognition is the highest level of safety certification a company can achieve with the ACSA.  It demonstrates an ongoing commitment to safety in all areas of the business.  Firms must submit to annual safety audits and utilize standard safety documentation throughout their operations, including regular inspections.

By qualifying for the COR, Roseke Engineering has:

  • prepared a written health and safety plan appropriate to the needs of your staff
  • discussed injury prevention issues with your staff and invited their ongoing participation in the health and safety program
  • identified hazards and hazard controls as an ongoing process
  • developed and implemented good health and safety practices
  • developed a review process for changes and ongoing improvements to the program

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