The Steps of a Geotechnical Evaluation

Geotechnical drilling

A geotechnical evaluation is an engineering site assessment that determines what the foundation conditions are and recommends options for foundation design.  It is performed by a geotechnical engineer, and is required for most engineered structures including buildings, bridges, roads, and towers. The four main components of a geotechnical evaluation are: Planning Field Work Laboratory Analysis […]


How to Determine the Atterberg Limits

The Atterberg limits, created by swedish chemist Albert Atterberg, are the moisture content, in percent, at which the soil changes state. They are defined as: Plastic Limit (solid to plastic) Liquid Limit (plastic to liquid) Some textbooks often refer to a third Atterberg limit, the “shrinkage limit” which defines the boundary between “solid” and a […]

Types of Pedestrian Bridges

Nanton Golf Course bridge

A pedestrian bridge is often one of the most visible parts of a development, showcasing the park or trail and giving it a distinctive personality. Therefore, you need to know what the types of pedestrian bridges are so you can plan for a bridge that you’re proud of and will serve the needs of its […]

The 7 Types of Culverts

Culvert filled with water

Culverts are highly efficient structures that move water and people underneath a road.  However, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all culvert type that meets all design considerations. To that end, let’s explore the different types of culverts that can be considered for a site: Corrugated Steel Pipe (CSP) Structural Plate CSP Open bottom CSP Concrete Pipe Concrete […]

Types of Standard Bridges in Alberta

BF 1753 in the County of Warner

Standard bridges are an excellent option for small sites where it is desirable to save money. A standard bridge is a bridge of pre-designed components, for example, abutments, piers, and girders.  Alberta Transportation currently maintains three main types of standard bridges (defined by their girder type) with variations for abutments and piers. The three types […]

How to Get More STIP funding for your County

Alberta Transportation’s Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program, or STIP for short, started in 2017 and combined several funding sources into one.  There are four components: Community Airport Program ($2 million) Local Road Bridge Program ($16 million) Resource Road Program ($6.5 million) Local Municipal Initiatives ($5 million) In this article we investigate the projects that have been […]

The 6 Types of Bridges


Since the earliest recorded history, modern man has sought to cross chasms. In fact, there is an element of pride as well as function in separating moving features like water and traffic above and below one another.  Engineers have long developed specialized methods for designing many types of bridges, and they still push out the […]

How to Design a Concrete Box Culvert

concrete box culvert

Concrete box culverts are one of those items that very few engineers have to tackle regularly, hence technical references and manufacturer’s trade guidelines come in handy. But the process is very simple, and the devil is in the details (why no, that couldn’t be!).  The process of designing a concrete box culvert falls into five […]

Guide to Pedestrian Bridges

Beauvais Lake Provincial Park trail bridge

A bridge is a great way to showcase your facility or business. Whether you need the simplest possible structure to cross your stream or roadway, or you want to provide something your customers or clients will notice, there is a pedestrian bridge out there that’s right for you. But the options can be dizzying.  Pedestrian […]

Nanton Golf Club Gets a new Bridge!

Last week construction crews finished placing the new Nanton Golf Course bridge.  This bridge was a black steel truss bridge with a timber deck.  It was manufactured in the shop in Lethbridge and transported to the site in two pieces. The previous bridge was an old railway car that was dropped on makeshift abutments.  It […]